Lip sync easy way

Hello Dear Synfig developers. I wish you make something like adobe flash symbol thing. Then we can make some loop for the mouth shapes. So we can easily make lip sync. Please consider this.

Hello friend, use the time loop layer.
with it you can do what you want by modifying its parameters.
It’s a little tricky at first, but then you get the hang of it.
later I will post a short video here to exemplify.


thank you so much my friend

The latest version of synfig 1.5.1 supports .tsv “tab separated values” time/one-of-8-letters files as output by a program called “rhubarb” using the same switch and animation-from-file conversions as are/have-been in place for papagayo. But rhubarb is infinitely less pain in the neck, you just pass a .WAV file through it to get the .tsv out of rhubarb, import that tsv into synfig, and tend to the mouth shapes ABCDEFGX. You also have to import the wav if you want to hear it, and read it again in the sound panel for synchronizing with whatever graphics you may be working with.

Thanks Baaz for doing this. Rhubarb suport 🙃 - #3 by Baaz