Linking an object to an animated spline

This was covered here but I can’t make head or tail of it. Is there a simpler or at least clearer explanation on how to link a layer to a spline that is subsequently animated, e.g. grows in size or changes shape?

I want to show an army in column that marches along a path whilst the map pans in and out as the army moves, so the spline path must increase/decrease along the timeline accordingly.

Any help welcome!

OK, cracked it.

  1. Create an advanced outline spline.
  2. Create/import the object to be linked to the spline.
  3. Link the object to the spline in the normal way.
  4. Group the object and spline.
  5. Use the group handles to move and resize the object and spline together. Obviously if one changes the size of the spline the object’s size will change too, but one can counteract that by increasing/decreasing the object’s size accordingly to keep its overall size constant. Move the vertices of the spline to change its shape.

Too easy!

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