Licences for videos created in synfig


I am looking for a program to animate a short video to participate in a contest about geocaching.
Synfig sounds like what I am looking for, but I have a question about the licences of videos created with it:

Am I allowed to publish them and participate in a contest that might give me a free Premium membership for a website?

I don’t have much knowledge about licences, and I was especcially confused because the licences have been updated a few times(?) as far as I understand it with English being only my second language.

I hope that you can understand my problem in understanding the licences, I just thought it’s better to be save than sorry

Thank you in advance,

Hi Miranda,
here is a link to a topic where I already answered such a question Commercially using animations
In a few words, don’t worry about copyright with Synfig, it is only a matter of Source Code :wink:

Oh, that is great.
Thank you for your quick response, and sorry that I haven’f found that other topic :slight_smile: