Libre Graphics meeting 2010

Now the location for Libre Graphics meeting 2010 has been announced and it is Brussels.

I seriously think Synfig must attend, so who’s up for it?

Press release.

I am.
I was thinking on it since a few days ago. Regardless if we have economic support or not I wish go there. I can start saving money from now to defray my own expenses.
I don’t know what should I bring with me (in terms of working material), what will be the paper of Synfig there (in terms of signification in the meeting) and the feed back from the LGM people when I officially announce it. I bet that Synfig will be very well received.
At the moment it is only a wish. I think I have to join #lgm and ask there more details.

I’ll be very very happy if someone else join me there. You’re very close, aren’t you?
It will be an incredible experience.

Let me know when they come to West coast of USA. :frowning:

It would be interesting to join you for LGM but Im’ not sure if I’m the right person for this. I’m not a very good public speaker nor good at mingling and networking…

As for a topic or frame for Synfig at LGM 2010 I think it would be a good thing to concentrate on Synfig as a tool for creative creation rather than the tecnichal side of things. How to use Synfig in a creative workflow rather than presenting the mechanics behind it.
This is an angle I find much more interesting to listen to but it is of course from my point of view as a user of Synfig rather than a creator of it. Perhaps the whole point of LGM is to concentrate on the creation of the tool rather than the use of them?

Also, I’m willing to contribute to your or anyone else’s (Synfig representative’s) trip-expenses.

I was talking to people at #lgm and the agreed that possibly a lightning talk (five minutes) can be done.
For that five minutes I think that a screencasting of a synfig session will be good. The bad thing is that synfig still not being so quick on edition so it would be a bit “hard” to do a good capabilities demonstration.

Any thoughts on that will be welcome.

Thank you very much! :smiley:

Regarding to expenses I enabled a donation account for that in the wiki. The account is named on me and I’m publishing all the donations balance in a spreadsheet for public knowledge. At the moment I 'm the only one that has donated. :slight_smile: The primary donation destiny are: support darco for the site and collect money for the expenses on meetings like LGM for example.

I’ve made my mind to not count with any sponsor or donation to go to LGM. Anyway, If donations come, they are welcome. If they don’t come I will go too. :slight_smile: