Libre Graphic Meeting 2015 - Call for participation

Libre Graphics Meeting 2015: Beyond The First Decade … icipation/

The tenth annual international Libre Graphics Meeting 2015 will take place 29 April – 2 May 2015 in Toronto, Canada.

This yearly event is an occasion for teams and individual contributors/artists involved in Libre Graphics to work together, to share experiences and to hear about new ideas.

By Libre Graphics we mean Free, Libre and Open Source tools for design, illustration, photography, typography, art, graphics, page layout, publishing, cartography, animation, video, interactive media, generative graphics and visual live-coding. The Libre Graphics Meeting is not just about software, but extends to standards, file formats and actual use of these in creative work.

We are looking for:

  • In-depth presentations of Libre Graphics code-contributions
  • Showcases of excellent work made using Libre Graphics tools
  • New and experimental projects in this area to meet the wider community
  • Reports, use-cases, best practices
  • Talks that show the accomplishments and strides that Libre Graphics has made in its first decade and what it can do next

Available formats (times include Q&A):

  • Lightning talk (7 minutes, selected at the event unconference style)
  • Presentations (20 minutes)
  • Entry for State of the Libre Graphics Union (1-2 slides)
  • Workshops (1 or 2 hours)*
  • Birds Of a Feather (BOF), discussion meetings or Hackathons (2 hrs or more)

State of the Libre Graphics Union

We will kick off the event with a joint session that sums up all things that have happened in our wide landscape over the last year. Instead of slots in the schedule for general updates on each and every Libre Graphics project, we invite you to submit a maximum of two slides, showcasing new abilities and/or text enumerating the leaps forward that your project made.

Special focus: Beyond The First Decade

Because 2015 marks the tenth edition of LGM, the focus this year is on the past and future of Libre Graphics. We have a special interest this year in projects that show where Libre Graphics has been, what distances it has travelled, and where it might go in the next ten years. We welcome submissions representing the broad ecology of Libre Graphics, from full-fledged software packages, to artist-built scripts, to art and publications, and even the cultural touchstones and issues present in Libre Graphics communities. We’re looking for talks, workshops and other events that show the accomplishments and strides that Libre Graphics has made in its first decade and what it can do next.

Is anyone here going?

We should at least send a few development status slides as we did last year.

at least as you say !!!

but… well … i think i can be free those days … anyone for a canadian trip ?

I live in Canada and am planning on going. I attended the one in Montreal a few years ago (2006?).