Length of imported animations

I am importing different gif animation into synfig but for one reason, the number of frames always remain to the default 120 frames, while the animation of course has a different number of frames.

I then need to preview the animation and try to figure out the number of frames to change the 120f into whatever number the imported animation is.

2 questions:

  • Can’t Synfig not just take over the right number of frames from the imported animation, so I don’t have to change it anymore?
  • How can I easily find/see the number of frames of the imported animation without going through the preview, and try to figure out?

This means however I should know the length of the imported animation before being able to change the end time… Can’t synfig count the number of frames when importing an animation, and adapt the end time value automatically?

Hmm… You see “Import” like “Open” a file.
However, Synfig understands “Import” like “I’ll include this file in my animation”.