Layers Disappear When Shifted

Hi all, I just absolutely LOVE Synfig. So happy to have found it.

I’ve only been exploring it for two days so super new to it and have run into a problem I cannot find an answer for anywhere.

How do I fix layers disappearing on me when I shift them?

When I try to shift the “Lower” and “Upper” arm segments (attached to the “Left Arm Bone”) into the “Main” folder they disappear.

And vice-versa, if I try to shift everything under the “Main” folder to be with the “Lower” and “Upper” arm everything disappears and all that’s left is the arm.

Visible till moved:

Disappeared after moved:

Anyways here’s the file, if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong please tell me so I can not do whatever it is. :mrgreen: lol.

Thanks heaps!
Layer Error.sifz (38.3 KB)

When you move “upper” and “lower” group it doesn’t disappear, they are moved far away because of huge difference between group scales
(“main” 458x458, “upper” and “lower” 29x29)

It happens when you move layer to group that was changed.
To fix it you have to scale down “upper” and “lower” group and move them