layer parameters in wiki

Hi, I would like to update all the parameters of layers in wiki pages using wiki table instead of sceenshots,

you can take a look at the attached file, it is bevel layer’s parameters in new looking.

is that ok for you all?

tables is the best way (imho) to handle the parameters on the Layers wiki pages. It allows to link the parameters to othere pages and doesn’t depend on a maybe modificable in the future layout.
Looks great! :slight_smile:

PS: in fact you don’t need to ask me. It is a wiki. If something can be written in a better way it can be modified by any user. Remember that wiki is licensed under CC by SA 3.0 so you assume the possible improvement by any otehr user later. You’re welcome anyway.

Thumbs up on the change. It’s better for faster overview.

Yes, I was not sure it is a right time to do this update, because some of the layer params layout will changed.
And now, after I tried to update a page(bevel layer) with table, it seems quiet easy to sync with the future modification.

Yes, I know that. Before I go ahead with my ideas I would like to know if it is a good idea to taking time on it. So I opened this post to have a feedback from the community :slight_smile: Thanks.

thanks, I will take time to update these wiki pages.

here is an example what i did.

Hi, looks good for me, I do agree that this is a good idea …

… and I very much like the way of proposing major style changes in the forum first!
Yes, it is a wiki, but we don’t have many rules for the doc so far (for comparison: have a look into the rules at wikipedia).

So for any change that might be a general rule it is a good idea to discuss that first.
I think about putting this into the writer’s doc as rule…
Any objections?


Finally all the layer pages are updated with their new params list, right now. It took much longer time than expected :frowning:

The next step is to verify all these pages.

In fact it would be much nicer to write down a script, and run it within synfig source tree to generate all these layer parameters lists in well formatted text files automatically. Then just paste these text into layers pages. It will make maintenance easier.It will be my next challenge? maybe :laughing:

Good work, Jcome!