Language Support for Windows Version

Hi there,
Language Support for Linux works for me, but the same version installed on Windows simply only comes up in English. Any idea? (had a chat W/ Genete at #synfig… his advice we have to ask Pixelgeek…). This is mainly to keep track of this.

BTW: we tried to set the LANG environment variable to values we copied from Linux… didn’t work.

Google search results for further reference:
Will add others here later.

I saw your comments in the IRC logs.
Yes, the Windows version is English only. There’s nothing in the compile recipe for Windows which deals with translations. I did a bit of digging last night, and it might be something that I can try to get working.


Pixelgeek, that would really be great! Thx for your work.

Pixelgeek, any news? Or did you plan to try it later, if so: when?
(I’m planning a school project w/ Synfig, therefore I’m very interested in that…)

Not really. I tried just bundling the .mo files (borrowed from the Linux distributions), but I ran into problems getting Windows XP to switch to another language.
You could try this yourself - copy the /etc/locale dir from the Synfig Linux dist. and put it in c:\programs and files\synfig\etc\locale

If it’s not that simple, I’m afraid it’s going to take a lot longer. There’s some code in the source that talks about how to handle languages and it looks like it’s got some Windows specific hacks in that may be out of date by now.


Pixelgeek, quarterend is coming, having more time to test… soon (hopefully).