Language of the GUI

Well hi! Now that I’ve reïnstalled Synfig (and it works!) I’ve noticed something pretty strange. A part of the GUI is in English and an other part is in Dutch. How come? And is there a way to make everything English again.

Some parts of the GUI are taken from the GTK language enviroment it is running in. For example the labels that are attached to the “Accept” or “Cancel” buttons are in the native language of the OS environement. You have to change your settings in the GTK environement to do that, but I don’t know how to do it in windows because I use linux exclusively.
Aren’t you German speaker? if no, where comes the german strings come from? (there is not german translation of synfig GUI, just Spanish, French and Catalan)

I’m a Dutch speaker (Dutch isn’t the same as German :wink: ). But well, it isn’t very annoying so I’ll let it be. Thanks for the fast response!

BTW: I have no idea how it can have that language. :unamused:

We’d welcome your help in translating the whole interface to Dutch if you have time to do so :slight_smile:

I could’ve seen that coming. :laughing: I already thought about that, but I never thought it would be useful. I myself prefer using English and I think most people who are so far as to know Synfig won’t be bothered by the English either.

But if you come with good arguments and I would understand how to do it I would be willing to, yes.

Perhaps you know someone who wants to use synfig but doesn’t understand English, or think maybe there is a Dutch person out there who is into animation but prefers Dutch to English. Can’t really think of any other reasons to do translation if you don’t need it yourself.

Info about translating:

I have it somewhat busy right now with school, but in the weekend I will look into it. Maybe it will be my first steps into helping Synfig :exclamation:

Awesome, thanks for considering!

Well, I’ve read the text from your link three posts ago, but to be honest I have no idea on how to start/how to do it. I also opened the gettext manual but, to be honest, it really is too long for me to read. It would take me ages and by the time I’ve read it I wouldn’t have any interest in doing the whole thing anymore (especially since I’m a slow reader and on top of that the fact that English isn’t my native language). Is there a possibility to get a clearer explanation that’s not a million miles long (don’t take this the wrong way, but it really is a lot of text for someone like me)?

According to the link that pabs gave you:

Just download the source code and enter in the /po folder of each tranaltable package (synfig-core and synfig-studio). Then run ‘msginit’ at the command line. This program would create a file in the /po folder with extension “.po”. In my case (Spanish) the file is es.po.

This “po” file is just a text file with all the translatable strings in English and its corresponding string in the proper language you have. Obviously initially this file is empty with translated strings and that’s the task you should do.

You can do it manually but it is easier to do it with a translation program like the ones that are listed in the same wiki page.


Once the file is translated you can test it in your own local synfig by following the commands in the wiki page.

Finnaly once you’re happy with your translation you can send a patch and we can commit it to be used by anybody.


As I’m a total newbie to this stuff, I can’t get it to work. :laughing: