Ktoon now Tupi ... I think

I visit the KToon site now and again to see what’s up and it’s been dead for a while now. So I poked around the KToon forum and it appears that KToon is now Tupi:


Just in case anybody’s interested.


It is in fact a fork. Sad thing because they could do much more if join efforts together.

Well, it says it’s a fork, but isn’t xtingray (who I believe is Gustavo González) the original primary developer of KToon? Given that plus the fact that KToon hasn’t updated since the fork, I’d say you could put a fork in KToon. Of course, I could be wrong.


Hi!, i’m currently helping Gustavo/Xtingray with the development of Tupi, this is how things are currently runing:
Ktoon is now (supposedly) developed by a different team as the project itself has a new sponsor, Xtingray was the only developer working on Ktoon since it re-launch and the new ‘scheme’ of work from the new team was… kind of different from the original target… this and other events left Gustavo with few options, so he decided to take all the work he was doing and make a new project out of it, this is how Tupi Project was created. At this point the fate of Ktoon is unknown for me or for Gustavo himself, but he is doing a great job with Tupi.
This is pretty much the history of that

it would be interesting to me to contact with Gustavo. We both speak Spanish so we can cry easily on our respective shoulders…
I’ll search for time to post on their forums. Meanwhile I hope we don’t loose you as user, H13N.H3N! :wink:

Hi Genete, i think he will be interested as well, and school is demanding me a little more of my time than i would like to, but don’t worry, maybe i’m not doing anything important for now but i visit the forums at least once every week, greetings!

Hello there guys!

My name is Gustav Gonzalez. Nice to hear about Tupi in the Synfig forum.

I’m glad to meet you! :slight_smile:

Hi xtingray!
It is a pleasure to have you here in our forum.
I don’t know if there is any other post/blog’s post or anything else that could explain a little more what’s under the hood of the fork from Ktoon to Tupi. Ktoon/Tupi has been always in our mouth when talking about other’s 2D animation applications so we like to know about it.

It would be interesting to know too (as far as you can tell) which are the difficulties you have found to stablish the new site, organize the sources and the coordination of the colaborators, even if you have any external finalcial sources (donations).

We would be interested too to know which is your release schedule plan and the roadmap of new features and major bugs you have in the TODO list.

I want to wish you all the best for this venture. Please come here for any help you could need and we will try to do our best (within our limited possibilities).


Welcome xtingray! Best wishes with Tupi!


Hello guys,

I would like to share some ideas with you, but I will be brief:

  • About the fork, I just want to say that I had to create a new space where I could feel
    free to work in the way I need. I didn’t have it on KTooN, now I have it on Tupi.
    That’s all.

  • Having a fresh start implies a lot of work. At the beginning I was really sad because
    the fork never was part of my plans at 2010, but the truth is I am very passionate
    for this project, so I just keep working one step at a time, and now I have the new
    site working and now happily, I only have to be focused on the project’s code.

  • About the donation system, I just could start with it this month, so I guess I will need
    a lot of time and many releases to see if there is a chance of surviving for me.

  • About my release schedule, I have to say I’m trying to release something every week.
    I am working so hard as I can, full time, trying to have done all the items of my
    TODO list. Some items are very tricky, so I can get large delays depending on the
    difficulties I found on my way while I am coding. Basically, my routemap is quite
    simple: just work very hard.

    I really love what I do and that’s it. Have a nice day guys!

It’s awesome when projects are fueled by passion and zeal, to make something that isn’t easily available. Whether out of generosity or just due to in-house production, the act of creation itself satisfies the soul so much; a masterpiece brainchild of the hard working genius will be acknowledged by artists and developers from all across the world. xtingray, you sir, are rad! 8)

I lack knowledge in coding, but if there’s any way we could support the Tupi project!

Dear fellows,

I really appreciate your support and I hope you enjoy playing around with Tupi :smiley:

Have a nice day!

I was a Ktoon follower (not really a user, just interested on how it will develop), but waiting for a very long time for the latest release frustrates me! Good to see that Tupi was born. Now I can say that I am a Tupi follower! :smiley:

Still 12 hours to go for the Tupí fundraiser, if you guys didn’t know!