KTooN and it's re-launch

Perhaps, short or no words need for describe KToon, was one and is still one of my favorite animation programs for Linux, of course the lack of tweening and some hidden bugs combined with a sometimes unusual interface makes me think twice before do some serious work, but as with Pencil, i like to use it for short things like animated gifs. perhaps it’s last update was in 2008 and was version 0.8, after that i saw that not even in the forums something new happened in the last 2 years, and suddenly they announced this year would be the year of KToon, now if you go to the homepage you’ll see a count down for the release date of the resurrection of the project, not quite sure if they mean the launch of the next KToon or the website (both would be great).

As a long time user of KToon i’m trying to wonder what kind of new things would be include in the new release, of course with the demand of features that other 2D Animation softwares has like bone system, tweening, camera tools and 3rd party 3D elements, KToon should include something better than a .swf exporter (already there, but export raster into .swf file), honestly i expect much more from what version 0.8 had, but who knows, maybe they have something better in mind.

for those who never heard about KToon i’ll leave you an screenie:

I’ve followed the track of Ktoon since 2007, and still following it via Twitter, but if someone knows something that no one else does i want to hear XD. this is their current homepage ktoon.net/

your thoughts about this?

It is always have competition!. I would love to take a look to ktoon but always got crashing after installing and run. I hope they relaunch it really.
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ouch, =p i thought i posted it in FOSS discussion, thank you for the relocation

Just a few days away now. I’m really curious to see if the unveiling will include any new functionality or stability fixes. There haven’t been any real clues that I know of.


Ktoon missed its own launch deadline…
Shall we start the countdown again?.. :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed that also, i was very exited yesterday about their launch, but something unexpected happened, they don’t give further details, but they have now at least some screenshots in their website about what they are up to. as far as i know, the package of the software is ready, they were looking for a maintainer of Ubuntu, this make me think they are ready with the program, but they are still having troubles with the site, whatever their problem be, i’ll be watching closely in the next day.

Looks like it’s up now.


They are =p, indeed, i think i was the first member registered after administrators, and i have even made some things already with Ktoon, i expect big things from it from now on

Good news for the Open Source world!

yup, i think that i can always suggest as feature a revision of the format of sif files (of course, with Genete acknowledge), so sif projects can be imported from Synfig to Ktoon, even if layer effects or Bline parameters like the width can’t be imported, that would be definitely awesome to have. i only will wait until the project can surpass the first notable bugs, so the current developer don’t go mad with everything at the moment, i’m helping with the translation of the manual!! =D!