Korbin Episode 1.

This is a very small, unfinished segment in a planned series of 10-30 minute episodes.

The series so far is called Korbin. Named after the main character. This file is a zipped DV file. The DV file is around 13 MB, but the zip is only 4 MB. This clip is 4 seconds long and includes the main character, Korbin, sitting on a chair while the camera zooms out. This is unfinished because he is supposed to yawn while the camera is zooming out. This was left unfinished because I’ve got 0 scenery in place and just wanted to test out the effect.

Korbin Episode 1 - Scene 1 - Korbin Zoom.

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Nice composition adorablepuppy, but if you finally want to export the animation to DV you should set your primitive dimensions to the DV standard. If not you’ll produce an scaled video from 320x240 to 720x480 what produces some pixelation.

Groovy; what’s the story?