Konstantin's weekly report #9

Hello, everyone! Weekly report #9 is here!

Last week Ivan implemented following container-related features:

  • GUI support for revision history. When opening sfg file user can choose to load any previous revision. See demonstration - youtu.be/tUVPGzVWpG0
  • User can convert any packed image to external by right-clicking image layer and selecting “Extract Layer”.
  • User can pack any external image into container by right-clicking image layer and selecting “Embed Layer”.
  • When saving sif/sifz file into sfg format: external (imported) synfig files now automatically packed into .sfg file together with all exported values and images.

BTW, we have made some internal changes into sfg format, so possible the files saved using previous snapshots won’t open correctly.Well, this is a usual risk of using in-development features. We are trying to keep it as low as possible, but sometimes such things are unavoidable.

In my previous report I have mentioned an upcoming feature from Carlos and it is here now!
The Group-switch feature allows to limit the range of layers visible inside of Group and provides an easy way to switch visible subset.
It’s easier to see it in action than explain - youtube.com/watch?v=UPpmOz0wUY4
I’m sure this feature will become an absolute hit and will help us to bring frame-by-frame animation support into Synfig.

In my previous report I forgot to mention the improvement contributed by tsiouTsiou. Thanks to that improvement we can change grid color now - just change the values in the MetaData Panel.

My share of contributions is maintenance-related as usual:

  • We have fixed 64bit build of Synfig for OSX (actually, the problem was related to Xcode version, not architecture)
  • Fixed broken FFMpeg export feature in Windows version.

We also have a good news about our small fundraising campaign. Only a few hours left till the deadline and we already have reached our initial goal and even moved beyond!

Even more, we have our first “Development perk” sold out! It is claimed by Carlos López Gonzalez, who want to show us his support in that way. And the chosen priority of October month is… Single-Window UI!

So, the next month Ivan will dedicate to bringing the Single-Window UI into Synfig. Congratulations!

P.S. I’m a bit overloaded by now, so snapshots will be uploaded tomorrow. Well, as usual…

What can I say?.. I want 0.64.1 release now!!!

Wow,switch layers Looking foward to using this new feature.

SWITCHLAYERS!!! :smiley:

The packages are uploaded now. Enjoy!

Hi Konstantin!

I spoke with Carlos earlier this week about donating my Misty hand chart for a demo. Let me know if you need it:)


Hi, Stephen!
This hand chart is awesome! I love it. :slight_smile:
In fact, I also would like to use it for our character template. With your permission of course.

Sorry it took a while to get back to you! Misty’s now available under a creative common license.

Here’s the file:

Please share with me any progress!
Misty.zip (1.67 MB)

Awesome! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Nice work you have done on Misty. She is pretty complete. you must have spent a lot of time putting her together.
We (as in the community) should try and come to some form of consensus on how and in which form we distibute free characters and were to place them etc.

Yes, that would be nice to have.
I consider two possible options here:

  1. Launch our own clipart server (based on MediaGoblin maybe?)
  2. Or try to team up with existing services, like Blendswap.com

Thanks Darkspace and Zelgadis! I can’t wait to see Konstantin and others (like yourselves) take a crack at animating her or giving her switch layers:)