Konstantin's weekly report #8

Hello everyone!

Quick highlights of the past week:

New feature from Ivan: Now you can merge external sif/sifz files into the current file. Just select the imported Group layer, then right-click the “Canvas” parameter and select “Export”. The external file will be merged into current and appear as a child canvas. Works much the same like the “Export” function for regular (inline) groups, the only difference is that you exporting the external file. The feature still might have some issues with exported values, but it’s already available for testing.

Here’s a video demonstration how this feature together with the new container format helps to manage your synfig files - youtu.be/qvKxZvlz6qg

Notice, we are now using “sfg” extension instead of “zip” for container format.

Also, Ivan improved handling of keyboard events when you use Transform Tool. It fixes the annoying behaviour when pressing (or releasing) Ctrl or Alt didn’t always happen correctly.

Another new feature: Carlos finished his improvements on spline tangents and it is merged into master branch. One video worths of thousands words, check it out! - youtube.com/watch?v=LBUmEJKY4-s

Last week I was pretty busy with the Synfig Training Package, so I haven’t brought much to the Synfig code. Though, there is one little thing: Magick++ now works for all three platforms - Linux, OSX and Windows. Now you can use this target to export optimized gif files without a problems.

All features mentioned above are included into the development snapshots, which are in the process of uploading now. BTW, at the moment we have some problems with the 64bit OSX build, I plan to take a look at it this week. Stay tuned!

Small hint: Carlos already have a new neat feature in his sleeve. It’s just arrived today, so we postponed it for the next report.


And this video too!


How cool! Regularly appears something new! Synfig is actively developed! Plus Carlos hiding something up his sleeve :open_mouth: :question: :laughing:

Snapshots uploaded now - synfig.org/cms/en/download/development

For the list of changes, see this page - synfig.org/issues/thebuggeni … 4/search/1

The OSX 64bit issues are solved now. Check ot the snapshots page for download.