Konstantin's weekly report #7

Hello, everyone! Time for another weekly report.

This week we got successfully merged Ivan’s work into the master branch, so now you can try the zip container feature by installing our development snapshot. Which are in the process of uploading right now, by the way. :slight_smile:

Ivan is now working on the feature, which allows to merge external (imported) sif files into the current (parent) file. This feature is necessary if we want external sif files to be packed into container when we save into zip. At the moment only images are packed. This feature also will be available as stand-alone option: i.e. you will be able to right-click any imported sif file and merge it into current composition.

The second thing Ivan working on is the UI for opening different versions of the file. The internal structure is already implemented, now he needs to add option into the file open dialog to allow user open any previous version of the file.

This week we also have a new tiny feature for image layers - you can right-click any image layer and choose “Fit Image”. That would fit image to canvas. This is a kind of replacement for “Scale new images to fit the Canvas” option, which is buried deep in the Synfig’s preferences.

Also, there is a temporary fix applied to the annoying issue #482.

Recently I have discovered that we have lost the support for Magick++ rendering module, which allows to render into optimized animated gif files. Windows users probably won’t notice that at all, because such module never been available in Windows version. This feature is important to have on all platforms, because we use it in the examples in our upcoming training DVD. After some hours of tweaking I got the Magick++ working for windows version. Linux and Mac are lag behind for now.

We also got merged the new icons from Yu Chen (btw, it worths to look at his UI research page, if you didn’t saw yet)

Carlos have finished adding UI elements for “split tangent” feature and published a little demonstration. He also have a commit in his branch which fixes weird behaviour when inserting new vertex for the spline - the shape shouldn’t be distorted anymore! But I have to confess - I haven’t tested it by myself yet. At the moment there is a heating discussion about keybindings for this feature (see the forum thread of my previous report).

And last, but not least - we have started the fundraising campaign for Synfig! Please check the campaign page - igg.me/at/synfig-october-2013/x/2188395

I’ve been so busy with other projects that I haven’t had any time to animate lately, but I’m very happy to see so much progress being made both here on Synfig and on Pencil2D. You guys are awesome. :slight_smile:


Some extra info about that:
When you insert a SplinePoint in a Bezier, and you want to keep the shape of the bezier you need to calculate the inserted SplinePoint accordingly (currently in the splinepoint_tangent_2 branch) and also you need to modify the two Splinepoints that formed the bezier where the splinepoint is being inserted (work in progress in the insert_item_smart branch).

I’m having some troubles with that second task because it seems that the SplinePoint is not obeying my instructions =)

I expect to have that fixed soon.

The packages are uploaded now - synfig.org/cms/en/download/development

I think the link is wrong.

Right. Got it corrected now. Thanks!

Is there a snapshot binary x64 rpm of the master branch? There only seems to be a binary snapshot x64 rpm of the morevna branch - or are they the same?

No, they aren’t (completely) the same.
As you can see here: github.com/synfig/synfig/network, synfig/master branch includes two commits from Ivan Mahoin that are not cheery picked up to morevnaproject/morevna branch yet. I don’t know if the impact of those commits is very important but I think that morevna branch includes everything that will be shipped to 0.64.1 plus the work in progress of zip container (already merged to master)

Insert item (smart) progresses:
youtube.com/watch?v=LBUmEJK … ata_player

looks very good ! good work genete.