Konstantin's weekly report #49

Hello, everyone!

Time for another weekly report. :slight_smile:

Last week we paid a special attention to the TimeTrack panel. Due to the Gtk3 migration there were some annoying bugs and keyframe widget was missing. Now the issues are fixed and keyframe widget is better than before. Here’s how it looks now:

So, the Gtk3 migration is almost complete. There is still one noticeable issue remaining, that prevents the workarea panning using the middle mouse button. We hope to get that fixed very soon. I guess there are also other issues might pop up after a few weeks of testing, but I’m happy to see the Gtk3 port is generally ready to replace the old Gtk2 version. Now the main problem is to prepare the testing packages with Gtk3 support. In fact, we have a lot of packaging tasks pending since the introduction of Sound Layer, and now it’s time to resolve them. This will take some time.

Until then, the latest source code is available for testing here - github.com/morevnaproject/synfig/commits/gtk3

Also, last week Ivan have made an attempt to implement rendering optimization by reworking algorithm of tile rendering. I have mentioned some time ago that the current implementation introduces a bottleneck for distortion and blur layers. So Ivan tried to fix this, but he haven’t managed to get the desired results yet.

That’s all my news for today. Stay tuned till my next report!


I’m curious. Has the number of messages from Gtk, GLib complaining on console increased or decreased with the new GTK 3 libraries?

I feel like they have increased. But I am not sure.