Konstantin's weekly report #47

Hello, everyone!

Last week Ivan continued to port Synfig Studio to Gtk3. Here’s how it looks at the current moment:
As you can see, now it looks much better now. Notice the Toolbox on the left size - it is resizeable now, much like as you have it in Gimp. We have removed the “Default Opacity” and “Default Blend Method” widgets, because they are located in Tool Options Panel now (thanks to efforts of Yu Chen). Remaining widgets probably should be re-arranged as well, to allow Toolbox shrink even more.

Also, Gtk3 have deprecated the standard dialog for configuring Input Devices, so Ivan quickly re-implemented a simple replacement (which is very similar to the one used by Inkscape):

Despite of the overall “good look” of UI, the GTK3 port of Synfig still not ready for any kind of usage, because of some internal issues remaining. Ivan have fixed several bugs, related to workarea and file loading, but there are still a lot of other things to fix.

So, let’s see how far we could get during this week!

At the end of my report I would like to thank everyone who keep donating to Synfig development. We appreciate that a lot.

Thank you!

Cool! Gtk::ToolPalette saves a lot of labor :slight_smile: