Konstantin's weekly report #43

Hello, everyone!

Get ready to the next chapter of our “anything-goes” development saga! In this weekly report I will try to be short. :slight_smile:

== 1. Sound Layer ==
Synfig now have Sound Layer working. Period.
You can import sounds, set their delay, volume and play them altogether in the canvas window.

This is just a basic functionality. No waveform is displayed yet, no export, no cut and trim. But it’s already possible to work with.

The story behind this is not simple. Ivan was struggling for two weeks to make the gstreamer backend to work. And he even made the playback possible. But there was a problem with delay parameter - it was refusing to work correctly. The problem was with Gnonlin package. After digging for a few days, Ivan finally resolved the problem with Gstreamer and Gnonlin… by migrating to MLT!

So, as of current moment there are no Gstreamer in Synfig. There is MLT and it’s “just works” ™.

The code is here, it is easy to build and test.

== 2. JACK support ==
For Linux users we now offer development snapshots with JACK support enabled out-of-the-box.
Grab the packages here - synfig.org/cms/en/download/development

You need JACK installed in your system. If you don’t have it, then Synfig still run, but without magic JACK button in the bottom-right corner of canvas window.

== 3. Fundraising ==
Our fundraising campaign is at 23% now with just a 6 days left.
As usual, spreading a word is appreciated.

That’s all, stay tuned till my next report!

Incredible… I’m currently building latest master in Windows XP 32 bits using cygwin script. It is awesome how simple has been to add sound support to Synfig.

An excellent work! Congratulations!

But I have a doubt. Would this library allow to render directly to a movie with the sound included?


Oops, I can’t finish build on Windows:


Reported issue.

synfigstudio (0.65.0-20140527 i386) + ardour (2.8.6) + jackd (0.118.0) + ubuntu 10.4.4 = Work like a charm !

Do you mean it will detect JACK installation automatically and show this [Enable/Disable Jack] button accordingly?

Jack button should follow same style of animate mode button, using toggle button instead. Currently, it uses normal button, that provides non unique UX style.


MLT provides a whole exporting framework for sound and video. It is used by Kdenlive and OpenShot for exporting.

Kdenlive sucks at image sequence rendering so if you’re using MLT you have to do better than them… :wink:

I wasn’t aware of that. But we aren’t forced to use MLT for such a simple task as image sequence rendering. :slight_smile:

If you agree on this, I will change it and send a pull request.

Absolutely agree and this is much appreciated. Thank you!

Hi, Jcome!
If you are still up to changing the Jack button style, please consider to use the GTK3 branch as a starting point - github.com/blackwarthog/synfig/commits/gtk-3

Thanks for your kind reminder. Yes, I am going to do it within this week.