Konstantin's weekly report #38

Hello, everyone!
It’s time for another weekly report.

In the beginning of the last week me and Ivan had additional brainstorming session to put clarifications on details on interface representation of “Skeleton Deform” layer. Then Ivan continued with the implementation plan.

By this moment he have implemented the base MeshDeformation layer - this is not really a layer, it’s just a base class for “Skeleton Deform” layer. This layer creates a grid on top of current image (by “image” I mean “context”). Points of this grid could be moved and this deforms the underlying image.

The bad thing is that we couldn’t demonstrate it in action, because we cannot use this layer directly. This layer is an abstract class and we need other layer implemented on top of it. Obviously, the first such layer will be a “Skeleton Deform”. Ivan already made its basic implementation, but haven’t managed to finish yet.

A few more words about MeshDeformation layer.
At the moment the deformation of grid is calculated by software renderer. The real advantage of MeshDeformation will be achieved after it will be calculated using OpenGL, but we would like to finish with “Skeleton Deform” layer first, to see how it works.
In the future we can rewrite other deformation layers (such as Twirl and Spherize) to use MeshDeformation to achieve the speed boost.

That’s how it is.
As usual, you can track Ivan’s progress by watching the commits here - github.com/blackwarthog/synfig/commits/opengl

Last week we have a lot of goods coming from Yu Chen.

First of all, he have provided a few commits, that make Synfig remember the visibility status of Toolbar and Menu. So, if you made Toolbar hidden, it won’t appear again when you restart Synfig.

But the main blast is his work on Preferences dialog. You can see yourself:
The changes are not ready to merge into master branch yet, the code is available at github.com/jcome/synfig/commits … ecs-window
You can see full concept and discussion here - [UI Redesign - Preferences)

That’s not all news. I guess some of my readers already heard about the Libre Designer project, which is running its campaign at Indiegogo. I had a short conversation with its creator (Roberto Delgado) and as result, the Synfig Studio was included into the list of officially supported projects (see the announcement at the “Updates” tab of the campaign page)

As usual, at the end of my report I would like to mention the status of our fundraising campaign for May: for this moment we have 10% collected and 10 days to go.

That’s all for today. See you next week!