Konstantin's weekly report #37

Hello, everyone! Time for another weekly report.

The priority of this month is “Bone-driven image distortion”, you can read our plan for its implementation in my previous report.
By this moment Ivan have finished the basic structure for handling multiple render engines, which is required to add OpenGL optimization for distortion layers. Now Ivan is working on implementing the mesh distortion object. We hope to have something to show on next week.

Meanwhile, we have finally got all issues resolved for Bone-Multilink feature and we got it merged into master branch.
Here’s the new video demonstration of this feature for real artwork example - http://youtu.be/NbI6TeAHbgs

So, you probably want to test it by yourself? We’ve got that covered! The new development snapshots are available for download with all latest fixes and features (including the Bone-Multilink and rewoked Tool Options Panel).
Download here - http://www.synfig.org/cms/en/download/development/.

Talking about bug fixes, here’s what we have this week:

  • Yu Chen fixed the problem with draw tool, not creating outline layer correctly - #621
  • The problem with editing of text parameters is fixed by me - #617

Unfortunately, we have discovered that fix for “disappearing handles during bline construction” (which was announced in my previous report) introduces significant regressions, so we reverted it for now.

That’s all for today.
As usual, I encourage everyone to support our fundraising campaign for next month (which is only at 1% by now). Thank you!

The bone video example is awesome. If it could render a only a bit faster!..

Sweet and awesome!

It will work faster if you compile without debug symbols. :slight_smile:

Even if this campaign is not successful this guy might be able to help you if he reaches 9000 dollars in his indiegogo campaign indiegogo.com/projects/wuff … olf-year-2
So there is still hope