Konstantin's weekly report #27

Hello, everyone!

This week Ivan have been working to put all pieces of bitmap frame-by-frame animation together.
Here’s the video demonstrating the results - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzGx6f4rBnM

Of course, it’s still early test and lots of things missing, but I think it gives the idea of how frame-by-frame animation will be working in Synfig.

The video was recording 3 days ago, so in addition to the mentioned features the following changes have been made:

  • Brush Tool now works correctly for the case when transformation is applied to the image.
  • Painting now works in Cairo mode as well.
  • Fix bug with saving modified/created images.

Also, this week Yu Chen have made a radical cleanup for Synfig menu and added a few workspace presets. See illustration below. workspaces-switch.png

Last, but not least thing to mention:
Thanks to the support of 40 people from all around the world, our fundraising campaign have successfully reached it’s goal! That means Ivan will keep working for full-time on Synfig in this month. Congratulations to all of us!

The “Choose Priority” perk wasn’t claimed by anyone this month, so the privilege to choose direction of development stays at our disposal this time. I am not ready to give an official announcement right now, but most probably we will spend this month by filling the gaps in recently implemented features, trying to bring them to stable/production-ready status.

That’s all my news for today. Thank you, and see you next week!

I have a cool idea also use gofundme.com for funding and use the no time limit feature. For example no time limit funding to improve UI that is probably the most important feature to improve in Synfig along with vectoring tools. In Inkscape and Blender the handles are sqaure not circle. Why are the handles circle rather than square shaped in Synfig?

Because circles is faster than squares, less air resistance.

Then why is it the norm to use square handles in vectoring and 3D modelling software rather than circles?Also how about the ability to move vectors without the need to move the origin kinda like Inkscape. Their could be shortcuts to switch from moving,rotating and scaling vectors like Blender. Also what happened to change origin feature that was being implemented in Synfig? Will we have the ability to restore the origin of the object to its original position when this feature is implemented?