Konstantin's weekly report #25

Hello, everyone!

This weekly report I would like to start from a new video, which demonstrates the first (visible) result of Ivan’s work on the priority of this month (which is Frame-by-frame animation).

So, here it is - http://youtu.be/eKDvN-ZNSTo

Let me summarize:

  • It is possible to paint on the image layer, but you can’t change the brush yet.
  • Basic pressure sensitivity is supported.
  • Image size is automatically expanded when you paint outside of image boundaries.

Of course this is just a first steps. You can paint the image, but the changes aren’t saved yet, no undo at the moment. Let me make a provoking mention, that most probably the painting on the images will be available for embed images only. For the reasons of this I hope to elaborate someday, when I have a bit more time. :slight_smile:

OK, that’s not all changes.

Ivan also made a few changes to the bone linking mechanism, which makes possible to make a group influence by more than one bones. I will remind, that the initial implementation of this concept was done by Carlos back in 2009, but at some point of bones implementation path it got dropped out of our scope. Now the feature is back in line with the current development.
(I have to mention that there is no good UI to link group/vertex to several bones available yet, but it is possible to do so manually via converts).

The latest improvements for bones and some other fixes you can try by installing the development snapshots, which were updated today - synfig.org/cms/en/download/development/
(note, that the image painting feature isn’t included at the moment).

That’s all for today.

Let me remind that we have 13 days left till the end of our fundraising campaign for next month with only 6% of funds collected at the moment.

Have a great week!

Congratulations with the frame by frame first steps achievements!

I’ve been playing with every commit that Ivan has released and have followed the latest changes to bones by running a development snapshot I’ve built myself. So by this I’m able to report one bug that I’ve found and should be fixed.

If a vector position is influenced by two bones with the same weight for each bone, the result should be the average of the two transformations realized individually by each bone. This should happen regardless the position of the vector.

So here I created a blob with four spline points and two concatenated bones. The bones are centered on the blob. The central part of the blob is linked to both bones (same weight) and each end is linked to its corresponding bone.

Here you can see three blobs with the second bone rotated -90 degrees.


The blob A is the default one (central spline points are linked to both bones)
The blob B has the central spline points linked to the left bone
The blob C has the central spline points linked to the right bone

I do expect that the position of A is the average of the position of B and C but it isn’t.


Comparing to how Anime Studio moves the points around you can see that there is not symmetry on how the bones has influence:
Those two segments are equally binded to both bones
Similar figure in Synfig:

Now look how do they move when the bone moves from 0 degrees to -180 degrees (the screenshot is at -90 degrees with onionskin to see the effect)

Notice how the movement in Anime Studio is symmetrical and not in Synfig.

Attached are the example files.

synfig-weighted-onion.sifz (1.77 KB)
multiple-bone-link.sifz (2.37 KB)

Want to share some good wibes for frame by frame implementation !

And report some problems i found in the new snapshot :

In ubuntu 12.04 this snapshot is also affected by icons problem.

  • EDIT 14/01/27 don’t have menu (caret / top menu bar / contextual ) icons, Oups, It’s a Gnome3/Unity preference!
  • EDIT 14/01/25 missing synfig icon in “Launcher” dock , it’s a red dot icon, After reboot synfig icons has appeared
  • EDIT 14/01/25 also the synfig icons is not present in dash (look like it was ok in previous snapshot - synfigstudio-0.65.0-20131230) After reboot synfig icons has appeared

Affected by Transformation tools icon cutted in tool box (like mac os x report)

I think i have found a regression, “Blend Method” parameter can’t be animated (waypoints not created when changing the value in animation mode) … it was possible before is’nt it ?

Blend Method parameter is “Static” by default as of 0.64.1.
You can right-click on it and choose “Enable animation” to make it animatable.

This is always been like that in Ubuntu. Menu icons are disabled by system settings for all applications. Probably we can override this with some environment magic for our build package, but I need to investigate this. Please put this to bugtracker.

synfig is moving too quickly … i can’t follow ! :slight_smile: (i will add some word in the wiki about that feature! –done–)

ok i see now it’s for every apps … that something to configure in Gnome3/Unity preferences under the key “org.gnome.desktop.interface” . So forget my complains, i think it’s not interesting at all to take time on that.

Hi, Carlos! Thank you for taking you time to report this one. Please submit it to the bugtracker, so it will be on my eye. :slight_smile: (Putting a link to your post is enough, no need to duplicate the full text into bugreport body).

Done :smiley: