Konstantin's weekly report #23

Hello, everyone! This is my first weekly report of this year. :slight_smile:

I guess everyone already know the main news - our fundraising campaign suddenly reached its goal and that means Ivan will keep working on Synfig this month! Thanks to everyone who supported this campaign.

The “Choose priority” perk was claimed by Ulrik Bodén and his choice is “Frame-by-frame animation (bitmap)”!

So, last week we started planning for the frame-by-frame animation feature and in the meantime Ivan have managed to drop a few last-time changes to the bones branch:

  • Now group transformation is available for animation by default
  • Any vertex linked to the bone now can be animated as well
  • Fixed polygon construction bug

Since the bones feature is already more-less usable by now, we plan to merge it to the master branch as soon as possible.

Another important change to mention - we finally got merged the long-awaited feature, which allows to edit animated values when Animation Mode is off (implemented by Carlos Lopez Gonzalez). You can watch how it works from the demonstration posted a few weeks ago - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5E0BPYw_T8

Also, last week we have a lot of activity from other contributors:

All mentioned improvements are available within the latest development snapshots - http://www.synfig.org/cms/en/download/development/

But that’s not all.
Starting from this month, besides the usual crowdfunding campaign, I would like to try giving another kick to Synfig development. Thus, we now have presence at BountySource - https://www.bountysource.com/trackers/424077-synfig

The BountySource service allows anyone to place a reward for a given bug and attract the attention of developers to fix it. Anyone can fix the bug and get a reward, so this also should play well for increasing project activity and possibly attract other developers.

So, if you have a long-desired bug to fix on our bugtracker - feel free to submit it and place a bounty. Or, you can pick the one which I have already placed bounty for, and join me by increasing reward (thus, it makes the bug more attractive for developers). :slight_smile:

That’s all for today. Let’s rock another month!

accelrc.sifz (5.11 KB)

This is the best bugreport I’ve ever see for the last few years. :slight_smile:

Лучший багрепорт, который я когда-либо видел за последние несколько лет. :slight_smile:

congatulations! Konstantin you are doing a really great job! :slight_smile:

but I don’t get what the “Frame-by-frame animation” is, is it like stop motion?

In ubuntu 12.04 this snapshot is also affected by icons problem.

  • don’t have menu (caret / top menu bar / contextual ) icons,
  • missing synfig icon in “Launcher” dock , it’s a red dot icon,
  • also the synfig icons is not present in dash (look like it was ok in previous snapshot - synfigstudio-0.65.0-20131230)

Bone Link feature works only for Splines and Groups at the moment. If you want to link Circle or other shape to the bone, you need to group it first.

Frame-by-frame animation is traditional way of creating animation when each frame is drawn manually. Something like Pencil2D have - pencil2d.org/

Please double-check that you have installed correct version. Please post an output of “synfig --info” and “which synfig”.