Konstantin's weekly report #21

Hello! My (slightly delayed) weekly report is here.

We keep moving towards bringing you the powerful bones feature. Last week Ivan have implemented following changes:

  • Now it is possible to easily link individual shape vertices to the bone.
  • Transformation widget have been completely reworked. We hope you like it.
  • Fix loading of old files. This also resolves issue with bad icons. Some problems still remain, though.

See demonstration in this video: http://youtu.be/WJrhHuXROY0

We also have additions from other contributors:

All changes mentioned above are available in the latest development snapshots, you can get them here - synfig.org/cms/en/download/development

As usual, BIG WARNING: Those builds are absolutely for testing purposes only. Don’t use in production. It’s quite possible your files saved using this version might get broken and won’t open in earlier/future versions. If you want to install previous snapshots, please get them here - sourceforge.net/projects/synfig … snapshots/

Last words about our fundraising campaign for next month.
It is not doing well.
We have 8 days left and it’s still haven’t reached even the 10% yet. So, it’s quite possible Ivan will leave the project next month. In any case, we still have one full week to bring you more yummy features! See you in my next report!

The new transform handles look a bit better.

But why can’t we just copy Inkscape instead? I understand that Synfig has historically used colored circular handles. But arrows like inkscape’s transform handles convey the message a bit better, I think.

I don’t like the Inkscape’s approach, because it requires an additional mouseclick to switch the mode (scale<->rotation). But I agree, some conceptual look could be borrowed from there. In fact, I’m thinking to introduce the new type of handle, which isn’t just a color dot, but is composed of many elements. I.e., the don (origin) and scale arrows. (But internally such construction would be treated as single handle). Something like that.

P.S. Thank you for the generous contribution to our campaign! :slight_smile:

ubuntu 12.04 , seems i don’t have menu (caret / top menu bar / contextual ) icons ! nor synfig icon in “Launcher” dock , it’s a red dot icon (the synfig icon is ok in dash)

others things are fantastic, exept also the fundraising campaing actual status…

I like The fact that inkscpae use squares for their handles. I was wondering if you could move objects as easily as Inscape in SYnfig. I think we should copy Blender’s style in which you use shortcuts to move,rotate and scale objects.