Konstantin's weekly report #19

Hello, everyone! My quick report #19 is here!

Ivan have resolved issues with the bones scale function and also added some improvements.
It’s best to watch them all in this video - http://youtu.be/oHGFduXRiw8.

Also I have managed to resolve the stability problems for Linux packages, so we can get back to publishing development snapshots again! In fact, I am cooking them right now.

UPDATE: The development snapshots are published now - synfig.org/cms/en/download/development

They won’t contain the bones yet, but have the following nice fixes:

  • Spline construction works properly now.
  • Simple Skeleton plugin fixed.
  • Windows users can enjoy small buttons for toolbars.
  • Translations updated.

If everything will be fine, then I hope Bones feature to get included in our snapshots next week.

Finally, we have launched the fundraising campaign for the next month - http://igg.me/at/synfig-january-2014/x/2188395.
Please help us to spread the workd and reach the funding goal! Thank you!

Best of Luck Could you also upload your videos to gobblin.se/ It only make sense for an open source software supporter to have the videos also uploaded to a site that uses media goblin an open source publishing platform. By the way how do you plan to spread the campaign through social networks?

Bones improvements are just awesome! Just add some other goodies and it will be perfect!
Keep it up!

The bones developement is going to be a BIG thing for Synfig. Major big. Excellent progress. I am very excited to start playng with it. Good work. I have been developing my own software in Java, which I can now put on hold, that is more of a frame-by-frame implementation of bones manipulation. Very happy with this!

I see there is missing some ducks of bone in Aciton system :unamused:

UPDATE: The development snapshots are published now - synfig.org/cms/en/download/development

Hi, Jcome! Can you be more specific - what is missing?

:blush:, I meant the icons, those new actions is missing their own icons.

Who is? Jcome? No! he is “Iconman”! :wink: