Konstantin's weekly report #18

Hello, everyone!

This report indicates the start of th 5th month of Ivan’s work on Synfig.
That’s right, our fundraising campaign have successfully reached its goal and that means Ivan will keep working on Synfig in December! Much thanks to all people who supported us!

The “Choose Priority” perk was claimed by Mestaritonttu and the choice is… “Continue the Bones development”! So, we will continue developing the bones feature, congratulations everyone!

But what about the current progress?

Last week Ivan added a possibility to link groups to the bones right on the workarea using the context menu and made possible to change the group transformation when it’s already linked to the bone.

You can see how it works in this video - http://youtu.be/qbWT9sjh36U

Unfortunately, the scale function doesn’t work properly for bones yet. Ivan spent a major part of his time to resolve issue, but it is still in progress. We hope to get that resolved this week.

Talking about me, I’ve been busy with chore tasks again. Trying to resolve with the stability problems for Linux packages of Synfig, I have completely rewrote our Linux build scripts. The new approach allows to build the packages without root privileges (which is very useful if we will decide to setup nightly builds on some server) and allows easily debug the current code before it goes to package. Well, users won’t feel direct benefits of that, so I won’t go deeper on this topic here. :slight_smile:

That’s all for today, let’s keep rocking the new month!

It would be great to make the import image layer to inherit the group abilities to have a transform inside it. This way there won’t be the need to group each single image layer every time.

Great progresses!

My idea is to change import procedure: when you import an image it should be already grouped by default. With “Children Lock” enabled. :slight_smile:

Good idea.
Adding a default keyboard shortcut to grouping ((gtk_accel_path “/action_group_layer_action_manager/action-LayerEncapsulate”) also helps a lot!

Any chance a custom shortcut editing interface could pop up as a development priority? :wink:

Hi, David! I see no problem to add this one in our next campaign for you. :slight_smile:

EDIT: We can discuss the details by email if you like.

Hi, talking about bones feature, it would be great adding bones using right click on the bone directly, not only by parameter, to make more confortable experience, setting bones.

By the way great feature :wink:

That would be great! Perhaps not the next one but later on for sure.

I was wondering if Synfig bones tool could be like blender kinda like this blendswap.com/blends/view/61707
By the way I have a great idea for the next campaign for Synfig. Adapt the wuffle comics indiegogo.com/projects/wuffl … olf-year-1