Konstantin's weekly report #15

Hello, everyone!

Today my report will be very quick.

Last week Ivan started to write code for Bones feature. The first planned step is to provide the ability to link Group layer to the bones, which is going to become a proof for some of our concept assumptions. Also that will allow to use bones for creating cutout animation.

So, at the moment Ivan is working on implementing the universal transformation for Group layer. This means adding a new parameter to group, which will contain information about translation, rotation and scale altogether (matrix transformation). The plan is to allow linking this parameter to the bone by using special convert type. After that it will be possible to add a GUI for linking the Group to Bone in much like the same way as we have “Link to Spline” feature now.

Still, it is a bit early to show something here, please be patient.

Meanwhile I have successfully merged the “0.64.1” branch with “master”, also added a few pending commits and fixes. I was happy to spend time for some tests with the development versions (compiled from source) and it looks pretty much usable. Unfortunately, when I have tried to build development snapshots for Linux, I found them extremely unstable. Most probably I need to update the build environment to fix the problem.

Also, at the beginning of the last week we have started a new fundraising campaign to fund Ivan’s work in December - igg.me/at/synfig-december-2013/x/2188395
At the very first day our campaign got an unexpected twist - we have received a donation of $300 from an anonymous person. He left the “Choose Priority” perk unclaimed and put a suggestion:

For sure, changing the game rules this way wouldn’t hurt and such generosity is highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

So, the campaign is already at 28%, but it’s still have a long way towards the target goal. You can help us by spreading a word and sharing the campaign link.

That’s all for today. Till the next week!

I have an idea for getting more donations which is inspired by BubbleGum Crisis Kicksarter. I think we should make a list of sites/people that we should tell this Kickstarter about and have a press release like this animeigo.yuku.com/topic/37/Sprea … edia-goals
My suggestion is Frederator studio kickstarter.com/projects/fre … the-series