Konstantin's weekly report #13

Hello, everyone!

Last week Ivan implemented the feature to detach canvas tabs in the same way as you can do for panels. That allows to create all sorts of layouts and lets user to get back to multi-window mode without a problem.

See demonstration video - youtu.be/UKTE7IchKfc

Development snapshots are published here, so you can try yourself.
(There are no 64bit snapshots for Mac OSX, because I have no access to 64bit Mac workstation this week, sorry).

Last week we have discussed with Carlos the possibilities to speedup Synfig rendering. We come to conclusion, that for animator it might be useful to have a special rendering mode, where most heavy effects are automatically disabled (including the time-consuming color conversions). This is a kind of simplified cairo rendering. In this mode animator can do the basic construction and animation tweaking with maximum possible speed. And the final image look could be tweaked later in the full software rendering mode.

So, Carlos made a testing implementation to see how much speedup we can gain.
Here’s the result - youtube.com/watch?v=yqa3iKCYJbM

More good news - our fundraising campaign for November is close to its end and we already got another Development Priority sold out! The development priority for next month is sponsored by Yu Chen and his choice is… Bones!

So, now Ivan is wrapping up his work on the interface, finishing the pending odds and ends. And we preparing to proceed with Bones feature from 1st of November.


I think that could be good reuse Low Res check for this option. So, user can check and uncheck this “accelerate” fast than open inside configuration.

Or, if you don’t like have the Low Res check with two different optimization, maybe put a check button like the animation button could be fine.

I was working using making a lot of pre-renderings because the canvas animation was a hell :slight_smile:. This will really helps animation phase.

Sweet! Really great! Love that we can create different detached groups of tabs. Great to setup if we have an extra monitor or so.
Is it to late to add a little tiny feature to this? :wink: Save and open different layout setups. One setup for a small laptop, another if we’re attaching a monitor, a third for setup mode, a forth for animation setup, etc.

Also nice would be for a list of recently used layouts to be kept (similar to how “Open Recent” works). Would allow for quick switching between a set of layouts.

An old bug has appeared again with single window mode. - Single key shortcut.
I’ve got A for select all and D for deselect but now I can’t use those key when naming layers and such. I know it worked this way when Genete first coded single key shortcuts but that he fixed it so those keys would still work to use as input in text files etc. and still could be used as shortcuts. Something about which window was in focus.
I’ve tried to find our conversation about it but couldn’t.

Another crazy but not scary week !
I’m impressed of all new things have been done … who means alllll i will have to present by end of November to the 8th JM2L / Mediterranean Free Softwares Days :-)))) ! (did you see the little blue diamond in bottom left ?)

Agree with that idea to display (check button / icon / combobox…) cairo renders options around “Low/High Res” . In my opinion, this great option can’t just be so far in menus.

Definitively… (related forum links : 1- save layout , 2 - user scenario) it’s even more
useful now, that we could save , name and select a few windows layouts. maybe time to put that in tracker ?

I think this should be around the “focused_widget_has_priority” has pointed by this link

Hopping the linked commit is not the origin of the regression… :open_mouth:

So bones is the new feature any chance we could a bones character template morevnaproject.org/2013/04/15/ch … -tutorial/ plus one for 4 legged creatures?