Konstantin's weekly report #12

Hello, everyone!

This weekly report is sponsored by Susan Wilson, who is kindly supported our fundraising campaign in September.

First of all, we have managed to resolve the stability problems, which many of us were complaining about. The problem was hiding in the code a long time ago (since the middle of August) and it’s a big surprise we haven’t hit it earlier.

Anyway, the problem is fixed now and we are publishing the second Release Candidate for the upcoming 0.64.1 version of Synfig. I hope it will be the last. Please download it, test and send your feedback.

Also, for those who are eager to try the new single-window UI, we are publishing the testing packages with all very latest features included! Get them here - synfig.org/cms/en/download/development/

Be warned, the testing packages are not considered as stable and ready for daily usage yet and have some critical bugs (like this and this one). So, use with caution and feel free to post your feedback here or to the bugtracker.

Right now Ivan is busy porting Synfig to Gtk3 and also we have following issues pending to fix for single window UI:

  • Rearrange toolbox panel to allow correct stretching
  • Canvas tabs should have shorter captions
  • Allow to detach canvas tabs from the main window
  • Some tool keyboard shortcuts interfere with the menu shortcuts. Needs to be fixed.

Finally, last week we have started a second fundraising campaign to cover our funding for November. The time is very limited, so please help us to spread a word about the campaign so the development can keep the current rates. Also, Its a great chance if you want to push some priority for next month.

That’s all for today. See you next week!

Congratulations for the report!