Konstantin's weekly report #11

Hello everyone!

This week Ivan made an awesome progress on single-window UI. Check out by yourself - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLzkBuNSCVI

Another cool feature comes from Carlos, it’s better to see yourself, rather than explain - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5E0BPYw_T8

We also have released the Release Candidate for the 0.64.1 version of Synfig Studio. And here comes the bad news. We got several reports about the instability of 0.64.1 on Linux, specifically on latest Fedora 18 and Linux Mint 15. So, instead of releasing on October 12th, we have to take some more time for testing and investigating the issue. Any additional feedback will be appreciated.

Awesome progress in the single window area!

Yup, the single window area is looking great.

Really like the “docking widget”, it’s really simple/intuitive. The way other programs do it is often confusing.

Why isn’t the cool dark theme the default?

That’s just a dark colored desktop theme (ie. all his windows look like that), if I’m not mistaken. Synfig just uses default desktop colors.

Nice work on the single window UI. Will the single window UI solve the canvas resize bug in the windows version or are the two unrelated?

As well as your new awesome feature : Offset Waypoints !

Looks very good.

That’s better, no need to rush. Take your time guys.

I’ve build the latest single-window branch and using single thread enabled “doesn’t look to hang anymore”. Take it with caution.