Konstantin's weekly report #10

This is my 10th development report, so we have a kind of anniversary here. :slight_smile:

As result of our past fundraising campaign, Ivan started to work on the Single-Window interface. On October 1st me and Ivan have an initial discussion about the basic implementation plan. It turned a bit different from the initial plan, which you can find on the mailing list. I won’t talk much on that, just let me show you a little demonstration of current progress:


As you can see from the video, we have many UI features missing at the moment, so I see no reason to publish development snapshots this week. For the brave ones, who still want to try the upcoming changes, there is a source code available in this branch.

So, there will be no development snapshots. Don’t get sad, because right now I am in hurry to prepare the release candidate for the new version of Synfig Studio (0.64.1). That’s right, we have promised you a new release for a long time and it’s going to be here very soon. I am going to publish release candidate tomorrow, and (if everything will be fine) we plan to release on October 12th. Time to update translations!

Note, that the 0.64.1 version will not have some very latest features like “sfg container” and “group-switch” - those yummies are postponed for 0.64.2 (or whatever number the next version will be).

The release candidate also includes following new changes:

  • Skeleton layer is hidden by default. Use “Enable experimental features” option in the Setup dialog to get it back. Reasons for that are explained here.
  • Looks like in previous build the fix for ffmpeg export on Windows wasn’t complete. Now we have fixed it again. This time for sure. I hope.

That’s all for now. Let’s rock the next week!

Top notch!
What an incredible boost the development got from a full time coder!

Good, good… Now it only needs a status line at the bottom, making all functions accessible via Ex commands, a new set of hotkey mappings… we can call it Vimfig. :laughing:

I’m just joking. :wink: Vim fan here and the canvas window UI without any controls and tabs at the top looks an awful lot like a Vimperator window:

Spanish translation up to date!