knight rider tutorial animation doesn't tween (solved)

powerboook g4 ppc
mac 10.5.8
synfig 62

The tutorial in question:

my rendered gif:

I’ve completed the knight rider animation.
Set 3 key frames.

When played in firefox or safari the red circle in the rendered gif only JUMPS instantly to the set position.

I expected it two gradually move from one side to the other.

in addition my keyframes look all weird. They are red boxes instead of green circles.

All the icons in my install are all messed up anyways to it’s probly due to that.
Picture 10.png

I found the problem.

The interpolation needs to be set to TCB in the tool box when making the key frames

I clicked on the key frames and then clicked on the little carrot next to “remove keyframe” and went into the individual keyframe preferences for each one

then I set them all to

in = TCB
out = TCB


now try with ‘ease in/out’ it will be even more smooth

We’ve got to get the artifacts out of the native gif generation…


Actually I used magic++ for the render O_O
But that’s probly what you were referring to.