Kid's doc ...

Just an idea…

after all the work is done for 0.62.01, and the offline beginners’ doc, I might start creating a Kids’ doc.

I plan to do a workshop with Synfig in the local grammar school (6yr - 10yr old boys & girls).
Therefore I have to develop some kind of intro doc avoiding complex wording anyhow.

Does anybody like to join me in that effort (a few months from now…)?
Maybe also develop some easy & funny tutorials …?

Any ideas and comments: please post below!

great idea! i’ll definitely help out after we get the manual more structured.

I have two sons (11 and 8). They will enjoy it heaps!!!
I can help on translating to Spanish.

Great idea. I have three sons (13, 9 and 5). They like a lot my animations and I’m sure they would like to learn with a manual easier than the current.
I can help with the Spanish translation too (and if I find any time, with the French one). Tell me when we started.

I’d be interested to see what you come up with… would it be like a short course with excercises to do?
I’ve got two boys, 11 and 12 - I have trouble getting them to read anything, but I can try to test it on them for you

Hmmm, yes, I think some explanation and then exercises and playing around.
So more general knowledge about animation and then testing that knowledge with Synfig.
Advertising motto: “Having fun with animations”…
Might be that this is not limited to Kids :wink:

I’d be very interested, because I want to use Synfig at school with children of 12-14 years. I intend to make a tutorial, but in french, because my english is very bad (I use a lot Google Translation … :blush: )

Hello, mad0. If it’s okay for you, I can do the French translations and then you can correct them. :smiley:

Salut, mad0. Si tu veux bien, je peux faire des traductions en français, et aprés tu peux les corriger. :smiley:

ok Rafael, it’s a very good idea ! :smiley:

I am interested in this topic, so I will contact you as soon as possible.