Keyframing a second object?


I’ve got a little animation of a roller coaster going around a track. I used keyframes to animate it.

Now I want to add a cloud passing overhead, but when I try to animate it, Synfig crashes.

Is it not possible to add a second animation after the first one has been completed?

Can you repeat the crash consistently? Which Synfig version are you using? Which operating system?
Can you share the crashing file as well a recipe to reproduce the crash?


I’m using WinVista, and my Synfig version is 0.63.05

I start with a saved sifz of my coaster, create a cloud and move it off screen to the left. Then I go into keyframes and animate mode and create a keyframe at 0s 3f, as the starting point for the cloud.

(I’m saving after each keyframe create. Otherwise I lose the changes when it crashes.) Then I create keyframes at various points to get the cloud where I want it when I want it. (23f, 2s 5f, 2s 23f, 4s 23f).

Didn’t crash the first time I hit the play button, but then it did.

And it is still resetting the cloud back to the beginning point after every edit. Which is a completely different issue, one assumes.
roller coaster crash.sifz (12.1 KB)