just to let you know.. Ubuntuusers.de / freies Magazin

hi there, just to let you know:

  1. ubuntuusers.de:

I plan to write an entry for the Wiki at ubuntuusers.de about Synfig.
If anyone likes to join forces and help me do that, you’re welcome.
It will be (as requested by the wiki admins) a short explanation about what is Synfig,
how to install and use and links to more information.

  1. freies Magazin (a free magazine about free software for Linux)

I plan to send in a set of stories about how to work on animation with kids at (elementary)school.
I will have at least a part about stop motion (Luciole) and one about 2D (Synfig)…

Cheers OHo.

Hi Oho, welcome back!
count with me for any help on Synfig usage doubts you might have. Always in English of course.

That sounds great!
Viel Glück!

Thank you Genete!

And also thanks to you Eldruin.

Dear, wonderful people of Synfig Studio,

unfortunately we got struck by another severe health problem within my family,
again we were able to manage that… It just takes a lot of power each time.
I’m back again, but just able to do some minor things.
Please don’t expect big contributions yet.

BTW: I just finished the second animation course with 8-10 yr. old school kids
using stop motion (bricks, clay, drawings, live acting),
frame-by-frame (with paper drawings and computer programs)
and finally working with synfig as the “high-end” program.

Currently I am working on reducing the amount of programs used during the
course. My target: use Synfig Studio for as many as possible.

All the best, wonderful & merry christmas and a happy and great new year to all of you!

Great to you’re back Oho! Glad that you and your family is alright. Merry Christmas!

Welcome back again Oho! I wish you great days in the next year.
Merry Christmas!