Just asking about the site's status

Hi, some days back i saw synfig.com running at full with links and things and then saw it getting offline for a few days haveing the wiki on it’s place, later it came back again on line and the latest new entry i remember were the rotate,resize and move tool unified, then the site again came offline and is still, i noticed that synfig.org is still running but not updated, i’m wondering what is happening here, it’s quite confusing, also i don’t see any topic regarding this problem in the forums

We seem to have settled on using tuxfamily servers for our web host. Synfig.org has been redirected to those servers. Synfig.com isn’t a url we want to maintain long term - it made sense when Voria was trying to market Synfig as a product, but not so much for an open source project.

If you see something that need updating on the wiki, log in and change it - that’s how wikis grow :slight_smile:


oh, i already read that, which is very nice, congrats

which makes lot of sense. i asked that because all the news about the project were writen in the ‘News’ section of the site ‘.com’ even when ‘.org’ were still online. So, any news (by some schedule problems i can’t take at all my time to log in the forums to check them frequently) will be now posted in the ‘.org’ site? is now the ‘.com’ bookmark unnecessary now? i know the project is not having updates frequently (with the few News talking about important stuff is enough), so that might explain why nothing new is on the ‘News’ of the .org site

Thanks, i would like but i can’t think on something that is not listed in the wiki now (or at least the last time i saw it), perhaps with a little more of time i would have something on hands i hope.

Dunno if in the future the .com domain will hold anything interesting. Anyway .org will hold a link to it if there were. So not need to bookmark it at the moment.