Just a quick introduction

Hi I am Sweetie Blossom. I am interested in making my own cartoons and this seemed like a good place to start. An interesting fact about me is that I am bad at drawing so this will be a hell of a task to undergo, but in light of the fact I promised myself I would do this here I am.

I feel it is necessary to note that I am a guy. People often think I am a girl in light of my username but there is a story behind it (we will save that for another time).

Hello and welcome here.

About drawing and animating, you can take a look to this thread : Old timey cartooning resources .

Also, you can also found svg images and convert them to synfig file format (.sif) with inkscape, inkscape can vectorize raster images, you can scan magazines/comics/treeleafs and animate all that … the technique is one thing … the idea/concept is even most important!

Good luck, good work…