June - July '11 Challenge - Use the new Advance Outlines

We’ve got some cool new features in Synfig 0.63.00. How about trying out the new advanced outlines and seeing what you can come up with?



Here’s my entry, (looks like Tex Avery’s Red Hot Riding Hood):

Love love love the advanced outline features. The sliding width ducks are freakin amazing.
redhood.sifz (11.3 KB)

I love it!

Me too! :mrgreen:

Thanks guys! I am releasing this under a Creative Commons license. You are free to copy, distribute, transmit, adapt, and make commercial use of the work. I cleaned up the outline a little bit in this version:

bluehood.sifz (11.3 KB)

Bravo DarthFurby :smiley:
I have two entries for this challenge, a small snake, and the leaves of my other post.

The snake : http://www.vimeo.com/25270390
It was harder to do than I thought!
It’s made with “width ducks” moving on Bline. But there are a lot of distortions, I had to make the head separately, or it was distorted. :frowning:

The leaves : https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0BzP3O3afEG04NGE4MTgwMjgtOTJhYS00MTk1LThiZWMtMjZjOTI0ZGJiMmRk&hl=fr
(I could not upload the video on Vimeo, because the file was too small)
serpent00.sifz (11.4 KB)
feuilles6.sifz (6.93 KB)

@ mad0:
Very convincing snake! I love the idea of the diamonds using the advanced outline.
Regarding to distortions, if the ratio (width)/(curvature radius) is too big, the outline renderer produces artefacts on the inner corners. I’ve not found a good way to solve it.

And the leaves are so nice too! Thanks for participate!

@DarthFurby: Great improvements. Very nice from you to release under CC license.
I’ve noticed one render artefact when adding the blue light filter.

Adding a 3x3 supersample layer solves it. :mrgreen:


Thank you genete :slight_smile:
I have one last entry, a horse made with B-Lines. I thought it would make the animation much easier … But it’s still very hard! (I forget often to quit the animation mode when I should :blush: )
The walk cycle is a bit jerky - and the horse is not perfect, but it was just a test.
Bline_horse.sifz (13.8 KB)

Wow! :open_mouth:
I can’t believe it is done only with Advanced Outlines!
Sure it is difficult to animate because it is not suit to produce fills but outlines! :smiley:

Hi mad0, I am blown away by that horse! I can’t believe that was done with outlines! I would think it would much easier to animate with outlines since you have a lot less points to worry about? The snake is impressive too. Your projects are far more sophisticated than my primitive attempts with the new advanced outline feature. I will be studying your files, thanks for sharing them.

Hey Genete, thanks for tipping me off to the supersample layer. Never even knew it existed or what it would’ve been for. I’m a GIGANTIC Synfig newb, but love discovering these new things.

Thank you DarthFurby
My idea was to make a sort of stick figure, and I agree with you, this horse is certainly easier to animate.
But I do too many mistakes, I must start again two or three times!
I used this image in the background:http://blaine901.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/horse-walking600.jpg

this is incomparable with mad0 or DarthFurby’s works: it’s only to try the new advanced outlines (and to laugh a little):
boca nueva outline.gif
boca nueva outline.sifz (3.84 KB)

Ha ha, nice one!
you can try to make it talk in a side only!

Ha, ha, it’s ever more funny.

This is another attempt to use the advenced outlines:
Bill Murray2.gif

Fun is one of the keys of cartoon animation and :laughing: this challenge is getting funny :laughing: I like it.

my version jc-advanced-outline.gif

Ha ha, nice one Jcome!