June fundraiser

The June fundraiser is coming to an end, 33 hours left right now and 299$ missing. I know all of you on this forum want to see Synfig develop further and keep Ivan on the coding machine so please chime in you 2$ now. Or 10$, or 25$. The development perk at 300$ is taken but the development OS is still available, you could try to convince Konstantin to develop on Haiku or AmigaOS :slight_smile:.
Or show your fancy logo at 400$! It’s a bargain!

Come on now, let’s put food on Ivans plate and code in Synfigs tree.

:open_mouth: haiku os?! that’s my favorite os, I am a longtime beos fans!!! Can I ask to port synfig to beapi.


Link to the campaign - indiegogo.com/projects/synf … n-software