June '09 Challenge - Space, the final frontier

Genete just celebrated his birthday. Old man that he is, he was born when man first set foot on the moon. In honour of these momentous occasions, this month’s challenge is “Space - the final frontier”.

Post your space-related pictures, whether it’s far away galaxies, spaceships, exotic landscapes or aliens, animated or still images.

Here’s a repost from me to get you started.


My entry:

Hi, I am somehow new to Synfig, and make a simple animation, it was a lot of work due that it my first approach before reading some tutorials, I copy the rocket that appears in the first page of synfig.org an do some animation, most of them just translations.

And attach the files to get some comment, maybe, how to work, work-flow, some advice…


I’m waiting for the next challenge, hope you like it!

Here is the video in YouTube
rocket4.mpg.tar.gz (408 KB)
rocket.tar.gz (43.1 KB)

Well done! We’re looking forward to see more from you!


Ooops! I apparently only previewed my entry, but never hit submit. So here it is in all it’s quick and dirty glory.

My entry for the june challenge: youtube.com/watch?v=lEceK4WYZCc


Good entries Pixelgeek and Gerco!
I hope I don’t miss the July one!


Beautiful Gerco!!!

But, but, they went left!!!