July Challenge - What goes around...

… comes around.

Inspired by Genete once again, this month’s challenge is to create a picture or animation using the circle tool. Colours, gradients, and transformations (Stretch, twirl warp, etc.) are allowed, but no other drawing tools like region, outline, checkerboard, rectangle, polygon, star, or text.

Questions? Clarifications?

Let’s see a lot of balls!


For example - Here’s a snowman, but I’m sure you can do better!

Plants are not allowed either.

Also it is mandatory to post here the source file to qualify. We have to check if you really used only circle layers. :slight_smile:

That’s my entry:


And the source file:

circlesonly.sifz (2.87 KB)

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Done in a hurry last night. Just circles (and circular gradients and a strech layer). And “crippled” with defaults :stuck_out_tongue:
clive youtube.com/watch?v=tVlPZlfE-IY
I wanted to do something abstract, then it turns into something almost concrete.
Damned ufos, messing with the stars.
challengeCircles2.sifz (17.9 KB)

Animación Synfig 1.sifz (4.93 KB)

Nice one Akagogo! I didn’t realize what it was until I saw the file name, then it all clicked into perspective.
Here’s another one from me. I’m not entirely happy with it as the perspectives are a little off, but I’m not going to spend any more time tinkering with it…

and the file - pxegeek.home.comcast.net/synfig/ … eship.sifz

Well done rore, akagogo & pixelgeek! There is room for more entries! :smiley: