July '10 - A Kaleidoscope

You remember those things from your childhood? A telescope like gadget that you put to your eye and pointed towards the light to see an ever changing pattern of symmetrical colours and shapes. Your mission - recreate that effect in Synfig!

Since you mentioned it in the chat, I’ve been looking for the maths to recreate a kaleidoscope but natively! Darn! I don’t know if I would have time to implement a Kaleidoscope layer in one month! If I would just have the math formulation! :mrgreen:

I found a method, I’ll try to do another kaleidoscope prettier.
I make a file with the animated pieces in an equilateral triangle.
Then, with mirrors and rotations, I do five files for the other five triangles of a hexagon.
In a new file, I import these triangles and I put them next to each other.

this is a second test, more beautiful.
I used the rotate layers, so I needed only two basic files: the first and the mirror.
I encapsuled the first hexagon, then I duplicated it on the whole picture.
I dont know how to submit the file, since it’s linked to the two other.

I can change the animation by editing the basic file. It’s just a bit complicated because it must rebuild the mirror file.
It’s the first time I use the linked files. It’s very interesting :smiley:

Those look really cool!



@mad0: That’s beautiful.

This is my kaleidoscope.
It’s more simple, but I have a problem: When rendering, the outer circles are deformed. It’s like the origin of rotation change. I appreciate if someone gives me the solution.
caleidoscopio medido.sifz (9.01 KB)

Hello Rafael
I looked at your file, I do not understand from where the problem comes.
To avoid this, instead of rotate four large yellow circles, you could have only one yellow circle fixed underneath the rest, and rotate only the color pieces.
But the offset remains on the color pieces :frowning:

(Bonjour Rafael,
j’ai regardé ton fichier, je ne comprends pas d’où vient le problème.
Pour éviter cela, au lieu de faire tourner 4 grands cercles jaunes, tu pourrais avoir un seul cercle jaune fixé en dessous du reste, et faire tourner seulement les motifs de couleurs.
Mais le décalage subsiste sur les motifs de couleurs)

Thanks, You’re right, I did not realize. But the problem persists. Why?

Merci pour ton réponse. Tu as raison, je m’ai pas rendu compte. Mais le problème est là. Pourquoi?

Well, I finally get around to posting another entry to the monthly challenge (been feeling more than a little guilty about that.)
In glorious 1080p!

I would post a longer clip, but it’s taking over a minute to render each frame… Lots of fractal, warp, rotation, and duplication going on.

Wow! :open_mouth: I like it a lot!
Could it be in the new demo reel?

Very nice entry Pix’! Great “frozen” colors selection too.

Mad0 entry is not bad also, it looks more like a real kaleidoscope tube for kids.

And Rafael nice try too!

I must admit I won’t submit any entry on this one, as the theme is very complicated to me
(and these days I’m hunting bugs on Krita to report them - and when possible draw something in it :stuck_out_tongue: - so I don’t find much time to open Synfig ).

Hi pixelgeek. Can you attach or send me the kaleidoscope file for the new Demo Reel?
It can be as long as you want. Don’t worry about the time render. Now it’s my problem :wink:

Remember that I offer to render scenes if it is needed.

Thanks a lot. :smiley: