July '09 Challenge - Motion blur

A simple one this month, so no excuses for not participating!!

A simple animation, with motion blur. (I suppose you could even take a single frame, as long as it implies speed).


Okay, here’s a first go. I’m a big fan of Adam Phillips and have the first four chapters of his Bitey Castle Academy (BCA) series. The BCA series is written for Flash but I adapted a lesson in the latest chapter for Synfig to produce this first go at a wasp-like creature in flight. It could definitely use some tweaking, but at least it has motion blur. :smiley:



Aaaah! you beat me! I wanted to do something in the same line!
Good entry!

Good one! I like the stylized look.


PS: I don’t want to be pedantic (I known I usually am :laughing:), but don’t they have two pair of wings? :wink:

Yeah, that bit of laziness was the main - but not the only - reason I called it a wasp-like creature. :smiley:


My entry:



Good one!


Nice one!


In before the end of the month this time - youtube.com/watch?v=JbYt3PLn56Y
No prizes for artistic merit, but hey, it’s motion blur!


I like your entry Genete, it’s beautifull…
I’d prefer if the kinda blue shading followed better the bird movement, but it’s already nice!!

here’s my shot entry:

pixelgeek: the movement of the magic wand is very good!
Animtim: :laughing: is it you in front of the computer when use synfig? :wink: Outstanding drawings!


Nicely done Animtim! You really get the feeling of an intense computer user…

pixelgeek, could you share a source of your entry?

Zelgadis - home.comcast.net/~pxegeek/synfig/magic.sif

Let me know if you can figure out why the motion is a little jerky as the wand first lifts off the table. I had to keep putting in waypoints to stop it from swerving off…


Thanks, Pixelgeek. Probably MotionBlur layer lacks some parameters - it’s not easy to get effect like yours for some types of motion. :unamused:

About your problem.
The wand jumps off the table before start because TCB waypoint type. The meaning of TCB is that animation at interval between two keyframes is always “prepared” for motion on interval between next two keyframes.

Imagine we have this situation:

Notice, the frames at 18f and 2s have the same values, but the curve between them not constant. To fix that use linear interpolation type inside of interval:

It’s August already, but here’s my entry: youtube.com/watch?v=n12g-2s8K20

Completely stolen Pixelgeek’s idea. ^____^’’

You did it better! (and I can’t claim credit - Voria did it first in Synfig)