Joysticks in Synfig (Controller Plugin)

@veermetri05 It would be nice to put link to the final plugin to the top post, so it can be easier to find.

Again, it would be awesome if you submit a PR to include the plugin into main Synfig repo. The fixes can be added later, if any. :slight_smile:


It’s been more than a year :astonished:,

Unfortunately I have lost the latest version of Joystick plugin where one can interpolate color values. Maybe I need to implement it again :slightly_smiling_face:, also I will implement a way for generating more controllers based on name of Group Layer, and submit a PR so that this code will be merged to Synfig. And it would be good to discuss this on Github than Forums.

Sorry for reviving this topic now, I will try to contribute more consistently :sweat_smile: .


character.sifz (35.6 KB)

Plugin: (4.3 KB)

  • Added Color interpolation
  • The Controller’s origin is just a vector than a Composite vector (this allows user to link to spline the controller, etc)

You might need an updated documentation and place it somewhere new and old users can easily find it without having to scroll or do much searching. Especially since you’ll continue to update it. Nice work as usual :slight_smile: