January '11 - Your favourite cartoon character

At the risk of raising the ire of the copyright lawyers, how about drawing your favourite cartoon character? Here’s one I did many years ago…

http://pxegeek.home.comcast.net/~pxegeek/Scoobydoo.sif (ignore the file import error)


Very nice, Pixelgeek.
Although I’m very busy now, I would like to participate in this challenge. Maybe I can find some time.

That’s a really nice Scooby-Doo Chris!

I’ve made a very off-model Roadrunner. It would be better if I could get him to look directly at the camera. Unfortunately I can’t draw his beak properly from that angle (need to take some perspective drawing classes).

Synfig source file:
Please keep the challenges coming, it’s great to have a project that I ‘must’ finish each month to keep up the discipline.

it looks so cute!

Meep meep! I love it!

hmm, i think i might try my hand at this with a smurf

I know it isn’t much but i’ve got a smurf head so far for this challenge but haven’t gotten much farther because the smurf i’m doing this off of is really quite the baffler when it comes to the mouth since it doesn’t want to work the way i want it to with just a bline
smurf head.png

Well, I finally found some time to draw it. In my childhood, we only could see pictures on TV Saturday at 15:30, do you remember it, Genete?
Mazinger Z.png

It was my favourite childhood cartoon!
I don’t recall that Mazinger had that green-cyan on the nose and neck areas… Maybe more bluish?

Sure :blush: