January '10 - Fill in the missing icons

Welcome to a brand new year! Want an easy way to exercise your artistic prowess and see your name preserved for posterity in the Synfig credits? Genete is looking for some icons to fill the missing gaps. See http://synfig.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=980 for details. Hopefully Genete will provide a list of icons he’s actually thinking of… :slight_smile:
Things to think about - make sure they render well at small sizes. Try to match the current icons in colour and style (we try to follow the tango libre icons in style.) Try to create icons that are intuitively obvious for people of all nationalities and backgrounds (i.e. avoid words/numbers, cultural references). See genete’s post for licensing requirements


For color blind people, avoid green/orange and blue/yellow combinations.


I did previous/next keyframe and all gradients types (see Genete’s post mentionned above).

I have done a time loop icon (also in Genete’s post). I’m drawing some icons for boolean.

(edit): I have done too export, solid color and import. (If you don’t like them, you can tell me).