January '09 Challenge

For no particular reason (I just threw a hypothetical dart at the list), this month’s challenge is to create a picture with every single layer of synfig used.
That’s all the gradients, all the distortions, all the geometries, filters, others, etc… You can have multiple of each, but at least one of each.

I don’t recommend doing them across the whole canvas - you’ll end up with a horrible mess :wink: The ‘onto’ blend mode may be your friend.

What you choose to draw is up to you.

Weird, like all my art :wink:

And yes, there is a plant, a star layer, a bline, etc, etc. Check it out!
test1.sifz (4.1 KB)


Hahaha, cool! nice one auriel!

thx genete but please call me Akagogo :smiley:. Well I must be programming xD but …
source : none.carlos.googlepages.com/comic.sifz
video : vimeo.com/2827154

Cute! Well done Akagogo! :slight_smile:

“Synfig - it opens up a whole new world”

I don’t think I’ve got all the layers, but I think I got most of them…

Beautiful! Nice work pixelgeek!
Now February!

Pixelgeek, nice image!