It's so hard to help.

Hi all,

As I’m a new user to Synfig I wanted to help with the documentation as a new user I thought I could see the pieces that the professional synfig users might miss and maybe explain some things a bit better to new users from a new person perspective.

Unfortunately the wiki refuses to allow me to sign up I’m receiving this error:

Error sending mail: Unknown error in PHP's mail() function.
So I went to the support page and went to use the browser based IRC got this message:

[22:11] -syn- Web gateway connections are currently blocked due to abuse. Sorry for any inconvenience! [22:11] == (Banned) [22:11] == ERROR: Closing Link: gateway/web/freenode/session (Disconnected by services) [22:11] == Disconnected from server: Connection to IRC server lost.
So that wasn’t an option.
The IRC logs seem to be up to 2012, just wondering if they are still helpful or make it more confusing for people.
It’s a shame I haven’t been able to help because I can’t get access. I hope other people don’t get put off by these problems.

All in all you’re still all doing a great job I respect the time and effort you guys put in for free!

Best regards,

Respect to freenode problems I don’t have those here. Maybe you have to register your user?

Respect to wiki, we are aware of that problem and are working on it.

Meanwhile, please use the forums to help and learn.


Thanks for the reply, how do I know when the wiki is fixed and I can set up an account for editing?
I’m a developer in mainly MS products but have done some PHP if you need a hand with the website.

Hello and welcome here.

Ticket of wiki login issue : … issues/863

Maybe you can comment the issue and propose some help there. Posting a message in the synfig dev list is also a good place for this kind of things.

Well thanks for the speedy responses. Doesn’t look like I’m getting wiki access any time soon, it’s been a month since the bug was registered and I see there’s many other (probably more important) bugs open, so unfortunately I can’t be of help to you guys, hopefully others will have more luck.

Just on the off chance have you got an alternate working duplicate/backup wiki or somewhere I could register possible changes to the tutorials, then you guys could update yourselves them when you have more time?

Keep up the good work, I’m sure it’s difficult when there’s only a few of you and people who want to help are being blocked by bugs!
Best of luck!

Only for the last chance to keep you around, please consider to read the following mailing list archive: … /34092941/


I recommend that you post your findings about working with synfig on the forum, including possible tutorials which you can post in the tutorial section. Sharing your workflow is always helpful as well as pointing out bugs. I know people who use synfig and rather want a pdf manual instead of wiki access. Maybe you can start working on a pdf manual for beginners. Free characters and props in sif format are always welcome.