issue of activating canvas window in single window mode

Anyone noticed that in single-window mode in 0.65.0(git master branch), the canvas window can not be activated by clicking on canvas area/work area. instead, you have to click the canvas window title widget or its toolbar.

If it is confirmed, I will open an issue on our issue tracing system.

play with the git master branch today, and figured out the issue:

The tools available in toolbox are canvas/document sensitive, in other words, the tool you selected is attached to the activated canvas/document when you select the tool. It is annoying when you work on two documents side by side as below attached screenshot. So from my point of view, the toolbox is global for application, and should not be document sensitive.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 11.03.29 PM.png

I open have opened three canvas, two attached to the main window, one floatting.
I think this do not affect me. I can draw on each document without needed to activate them by clicking to the title.

Affect me also testing the first issue. Maybe we can change that to an option / feature by a checkbox somewhere in configuration dialog or inside the toolbox : [X] tools shared - Activated by default ?

Synfig git - 0.65dev Revision ID: 58286c

Looking around metadata panel, i now understand what do you mean. I’m also affected.

How to reproduce, with two canvas side by side, clicking on the canvas / workarea do not update metadata panel information.

Double-clicking the canvas does work, though.